1977 AMC Pacer by Hot Wheels


  • First Produced: 1978
  • Exterior: orange
  • Interior: chrome
  • Manufacturer: Mattel
  • Features: rear-engine V8
  • Scale: 1:64
  • Produced in: Hong Kong
  • Collector Number/Name: #2015 Packin' Pacer
  • Original Price 1978: $.99
  • Value 1997: loose excellent: $15.00



Another wild AMC, this time the Pacer, is built by Hot Wheels. Now it's a V8 in the rear to off-set AMC's stock front-engine layout. It must be all-wheel drive too. Today the Pacer has all but disappeared so it is nice to have a American Motor's jelly-bean in 3-inch scale. Corgi even did a stock version.


First Produced: 1964
Colors: blue
Manufacturer: Impy - Lone Star
Features: opening hood with
detailed engine, opening doors
and trunk, front wheels turn,
'gem' headlights
Scale: 1:73
Produced in: England
Collector Number/Name: Imperial
Original Price 1964: $.49
Value 1997 - loose, mint: $30.00