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The following is the list of automobile marques beginning with 'D' and 'E', representing 1:55-1:70 scale cars in the collection of Doug Breithaupt. This list is updated regularly as the collection grows, with new links to individual car profiles. To go directly to a specific profile, just click on the linked text. I am always seeking cars I do not have to add to my collection (to see list).

Some manufacturers represented in the collection have images loaded for all represented models (Siku, Polistil/Penny, Impy Lone Star, Playart and others). Images for complete automotive marques are also being prepared. New profiles are being added on a regular basis. Values shown are for information purposes only and based on the condition of the car in this collection. This collection is NOT for sale except where duplicates exist and availability is noted (duplicate list and order form). Inquiries regarding trades are welcome. Questions about the collection, or requests for specific car profiles to be added, may be submitted through the Guest Book.

Make | Model | Year | Color | Year Produced | Manufacturer | Mfg. Number | Approx. Value