1983 Buick Riviera Convertible by: Road Champs



  • First Produced: 1984
  • Exterior: red
  • Interior: white
  • Manufacturer: Road Champs
  • Features: opening doors, removable convertible top
  • Scale: 1:60
  • Produced in: China
  • Collector Number/Name: na, Buick Riviera
  • Original Price 1984: $1.00
  • Value 1998 - mint: $3.00



Road Champs of Harrison, NJ has produced many small-scale diecast. While clearly intended as toys, the older Road Champs are often well cast and represent cars not done by other manufacturers. The 1983 Buick Riviera Convertible is a case in point. Buicks, and Rivieras in particular, have received little attention from diecast producers. From 1979-85, Buick produced a handsome Riviera, produced as a couipe and convertible. The Road Champs casting allows for a two plastic convertible tops, one up one down, to be placed on the car. Two other cars came in this convertible series, a Chrysler LeBaron and Ford Mustang.


First Produced: 1964
Colors: blue
Manufacturer: Impy - Lone Star
Features: opening hood with
detailed engine, opening doors
and trunk, front wheels turn,
'gem' headlights
Scale: 1:73
Produced in: England
Collector Number/Name: Imperial
Original Price 1964: $.49
Value 1997 - loose, mint: $30.00