Volume VIII, Number 8

The Dreams of Youth of the DDR
by Doug Breithaupt

Wartburg 311 Kabriolet

Wartburg Limousine

Zwickau Coupe P70


Anyone who has despaired of ever seeing their favorite real car done in small-scale diecast can take heart based on the cars seen here. Who would have ever expected that any Wartburg, Zwickau or EMW would become available? Thanks to a German promotional company named Grell, we have just that.

The quality is excellent. These may have been manufactured by Golden Wheel for Grell. The models are tied to German beer makers and celebrate the cherished cars of East Germany. While most may have a bit of trouble understanding this marketing strategy, collectors should be thrilled at the results.

The models sell for around 5 Euros each and some come in sets. A European trading partner is an important link to get access to these models. I plan on adding as many as possible. Additional models are illustrated on the back of each blister-card.

The price is a bit high but production may well be limited. As I do not read German, I'm not sure if this is noted on the cards. Unless this promotion turns out to be a great success, and what are the odds on that, these models may not be available for very long. Then again, Germans and beer have proved to be a successful combination.